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Everybody enjoys a good story!

I’ve enjoyed publishing and have gotten a good response to a couple of posts describing our own and others debt pay-off stories. So I had the admittedly slow-to-come idea of making Debt Stories into a regular series on Money Counselor.

Misery Loves Company, Right?

Success stories are great—inspirational and motivating—but I’d also like to publish stories of readers’ frustrations and challenges in paying off debt. No matter how bad off we think we are, someone else always has it worse. And in a weird way, we feel better and maybe even a little bit ashamed when we learn of others with similar but bigger challenges than our own.

Debt Stories Guidelines

Here are some thoughts to I hope inspire many of you to share your story:

  • Have you had success paying down your debts? How did you do it? What’s the secret of your success?
  • If you feel hopeless about your debts, why?
  • Have you tried any debt pay-off techniques that worked well, or not so well, for you? Examples: the “debt snowball” plan, a Debt Management Plan, debt consolidation, debt settlement, a ‘crash budget,’ something else?
  • Have your debts grown in spite of what you feel are your best efforts to control them? What’s happened and happening in your life that’s caused your debts to spiral upward?

Unless you want to be identified in your story, I won’t publish anything that includes a lot of detailed information that may make you recognizable.

Please Share?

I’m interested, and I know Money Counselor’s readers are interested, in debt stories, both of success and frustration. Your story does not have to be long and detailed or take a lot of your time—short and sweet is good! You can use the Money Counselor Contact form to send your story or email to kurt(at) I’ll reply to everybody, whether or not I publish your story.


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