Your Worst Financial Habit?

Aug 1, 2016 by

Okay, let’s all confess, so we can then resolve to improve: what bad financial habit do you most want to break?

For me, I had to think about this a lot, and here’s my main conclusion: I’m a lot more adept at seeing other people’s bad financial habits than I am at recognizing my own. 🙂

But here’s what I came up with: I tend to think I’m smarter than I am about money. I need to be more open to other’s views and recognize that I may not have all the information I need to make a good decision.

Phew! I feel so unburdened. Thank you! Infographic: Bad financial habits Americans want to break in 2016

The Bad Financial Habit You’d Most Like to Break

Your turn. What’s the poor financial habit you’d most like to rid yourself of?

After you confess, then let’s dig a bit deeper: What do you think has so far prevented you from kicking the habit? And what would it take to motivate you to take on changing this habit?

Get Started!

I’m not expert on breaking bad habits and forming good habits, but my friend Kalen at Money Mini Blog has written quite a lot about how habits shape us. You can do a site search on “habit” to see what he has to offer, but in particular I recommend “The Ultimate Quick-Guide to Breaking Bad Habits in 4 Steps“.

Along with confessing your bad financial habit, please share in the comments techniques you’ve learned work well for you in breaking a poor habit or establishing a good habit.

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