2014 Top 10 FTC Complaints

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FTC Building

FTC Building in D.C.

The Federal Trade Commission has released its annual report of consumer complaints the Commission received in the prior year. Here’s 2014’s Top 10:





2014 FTC top 10 complaint

Debt collectors, the perennial complaint magnets, are always near the top of the list. Not surprising, given the typically slimy debt collection agency business model. And identity theft at #1 is no surprise either. Haven’t we all been victimized at least once now?

But what are “imposter scams”? The FTC defines this complaint category as “con artists impersonating government officials or others”. In particular, 2014 saw a sharp jump in IRS and other government imposter scams.

Anybody who uses a telephone of course immediately understands why telephone and mobile services attracted the third most complaints. No one can verify their telecom bill, and we’ve all given up trying.

How to File a Complaint with the FTC

The FTC is complaint-driven. That means if consumers don’t complain about a company or a tactic, the FTC will do nothing. Consider it your civic duty to complain!

Filing a complaint is very easy:

  1. Go to the FTC’s hompage
  2. Click on the big Consumer Complaint box

FTC complaint categoriesThe FTC’s “complaint assistant” will guide you through the process, which starts with you choosing a complaint category. At the time of this writing, the FTC’s complaint categories are as shown in the graphic to the left.

Note the option to chat with a FTC support person at the bottom, up until 8pm (EST)!

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