Guest Post on Money Counselor

I like to publish guest posts on Money Counselor, and I consider two types:

Fellow Bloggers – Free!

If you blog in the personal finance arena, I’m happy to consider a guest post from you. My criteria for acceptance are:

  • You have something to say of meaningful value to Money Counselor’s readers.
  • The overwhelming purpose of your article is to help and/or entertain people who read it, not to help yourself or some third party.
  • You include no more than one link—which must be in an author bio at the end of your article—to your blog’s homepage or a specific, non-sponsored (see below) post on your blog.
  • Your writing quality is good or better.
  • Minimum of 300 words, maximum of 1200.
  • You agree to respond on Money Counselor to comments on your post and promote your post through social media.
  • You affirm that any images you send are free of copyright restrictions that might get me into trouble.
  • You agree to my editorial freedom and my right to add explanatory or supplemental information before and/or after your post.

Please send your post to kurt(at)mymoneycounselor(dot)com.

Sponsored Posts – Not Free!

If the central aim of your “guest post” is to promote yourself, a product, or a service—including in particular seeking to establish a dofollow link to a website for the purpose of subverting Google’s search algorithm—that’s advertising, now isn’t it? Visit Money Counselor’s Advertise page to learn more. Thanks!