Send a Cease & Desist Let...

Apr 20, 2020 by

You have the right to force that nasty debt collector to stop contacting you. But doing so might have even nastier consequences.

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Handle Old Debts Carefully

Dec 16, 2019 by

You’ve got a 5-year old debt. Do you still owe it? Should it still be on your credit report? Is it dragging down your credit score? Can you be sued for collection?

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Loaded Credit Card Offer

Jan 5, 2012 by

With your poor credit history, were you excited by a recent credit card offer? Better scrutinize it for evidence of a time bomb before signing up.

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Know Your Limitations

Dec 9, 2011 by

Don’t try to run out the clock on an overdue debt you can afford to repay. But know that debt collectors’ most persuasive tools can no longer be used after the “statute of limitations” kicks in.

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