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selecting a wacky video

Selecting a Wacky Video

There’s nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling of quitting a job that’s a bad fit. Seems the woman who made the video below felt frustrated because her boss cared too much about quantity and too little about quality. Of course her boss may have felt pressure from her or his boss to meet quantitative performance measures. Still, you gotta love this young woman’s commitment to substance and her style.


Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit here if I include your pick.

Thank You!

  • The more I read Kalen’s Money Mini Blog, the more I like it. Maybe that’s because Kalen and I think so much alike. 🙂 Hey, what can I say, the guy hits a bulls-eye in my view with just about everything he’s so far written. And I’m not just saying that because Kalen included my “How Much House Is Affordable?” post in his April Finance Round-Up. Though that didn’t hurt. 🙂
  • I’m always grateful and honored when Len Penzo chooses one of my articles for his list of “posts you might enjoy,” part of his weekend Black Coffee post. Len likes my “Best Way to PrePay a Mortgage“, and I like Len.
  • Save and Conquer is another personal finance blog I like a lot and genuinely follow because I learn a lot. Bryce chose my article “Why Do Americans Believe Gold is a Great Long-Term Investment?” for the May 11 Yakezie Carnival. Thanks Bryce!
  • I got noticed again by Michael at Financial Ramblings with my post on thinking of your “Mortgage Payment as an Investment“. Thanks Michael! The interestingly named Money Infographics also acknowledged this piece, including it in the blog’s Weekly Round-up.
  • I got a thrill from making J Money’s Rockstar Finance for the second time. J liked my “4 Ideas to Save $100 This Week“. To quickly find my stuff on Rockstar Finance, just use the site’s search function to look for Money Counselor. The blog Color Me Frugal also like this popular (for me 🙂 ) post; Dee mentioned it in her May 23 list of articles she liked the preceding week. Finally, I’m not sure how I qualified for this one, but the May 31 Carnival of Money Pros hosted at Your Personal Finance Pro chose my 4 Ideas article as a “best of the rest.”
  • Among my favorite honors is getting the much coveted “fist pump” from Travis and Enemy of Debt. The pump came my way in Travis’ June 6th’s “I Love You Like a Blogger” post for “Spend Now or Spend Later” on the choice we each make with every dollar that passes through our hands. Then, maybe Travis went on vacation or something and someone else was handing out fist pumps, but just a week later I got a second pump for “Being Poor is Expensive“, an article highlighting how much lower income folks spend annually on check cashing services. And then my dream came true: a third fist pump and then—brace yourself—a fourth in barely eight weeks, this time first for “Debt Doesn’t Cure Debt” where I ranted a bit about a billboard urging loan consolidation at the same time Travis was taking out a consolidation loan, and then for a follow-up, “Make Consolidation Loan Work” where I described how to take out a consolidation loan the right way, using Travis as an example! Thanks Travis! Len Penzo liked “Debt Doesn’t Cure Debt” too, again featuring Money Counselor in his Black Coffee post. I’m humbled, these guys are superstars!
  • I made the Yakezie Carnival a second time with “Being Poor is Expensive”. Thanks for hosting Pauline!
  • I’ve been on a hot streak at the Yakezie Carnival. When Bryce at Save and Conquer hosted, he chose to include my post “Debt Settlement: Solution or Just Another Scam?“.

Thanks friends for spreading Money Counselor’s stuff!

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  1. Travis Pizel

    Vacation? The software engineer in me goes on vacation, but the blogger never does. LOL. You deserved each and everyone on of those fist pumps, my friend….great stuff going on over here at My Money Counselor. 🙂

  2. I loved the video. haha. I love to see unique ways for people to quit, especially when they are hilarious. Thanks for including me here!!! Also, thanks for the kind words. We do think alike, don’t we? This is quite an awesome bunch of links. I appreciate you!

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